To start Lucy Viewer,simply type


(I) Open several geometry files (.off) as a sequence

To open .OFF files as a sequence follow this few steps

  1. Go on “File” > “XML sequence generation wizard” or alternatively type “Ctrl+G”
  2. Chose the directory you want to create the sequence from
  3. Click on "Refresh list"
    You should see a little arrow beside Geometry files
    Use it to expend the content and ensure that all the data you want is selected.
  4. Chose a file name in the “Output file name” text input
  5. Click on “Generate” at the bottom right
  6. Save you “.4da” file as output onto the same directory.
  7. It's done. Close the Wizard manually. You can now open your XML descriptor in the viewer.

(II) Create a sequence file from geometry files (.off)

To create sequence file from .OFF files follow this few steps

  1. follow step (I) for opening several geometry files as a sequence
  2. Go on “File” > “XML generate binary stream”, or alternatively, type “Ctrl+B”
  3. Chose as input file the one you have just generated (.4da)
  4. # Play with the settings if you wish.
  5. Do not chose name, instead simply click "Ok".
  6. Save your file wherever you want.
  7. It is done ! You can now open your sequence file (.4da) and view it at a much faster rate than earlier.