Get a “wget” script

They are generated automatically if you have chose your data in the datasets sections of this website. The "wget" script is transmitted immediately as you click on the Download button.

Download data with the wget script

To get the data after you obtained wget script (.sh), please follow these following steps:

  1. Open a terminal on the directory you download the script
  2. Create a new directory for your data for example:
     mkdir ~/my_data 
  3. Move your script into it:
    mv /path/to/your/ ~/my_data/ 
  4. Change into this directory and run the script:
    cd ~/my_data/
  5. If you chose the "extract" option, then you have successfully finished downloading the data. Otherwise, you would have to extract all the archives manually later.

This data takes a lot of disk space, so please make sure that you have enough storage room in the disk.