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Lucy Viewer is an interactive viewing software for 4D models, i.e, dynamic three-dimensional scenes that evolve over time. Each 4D model is a sequence of meshes with associated texture information, in terms of images captured from multiple cameras at each frame. Such data is available from the 4D repository website hosted by INRIA Grenoble.

With Lucy Viewer, the user can use the mouse to zoom in onto the 4D models, zoom out, rotate, translate and view from an arbitrary angle as the 4D sequence is being played. The texture information is read from the images at each frame in the sequence and applied onto the meshes. This helps the user visualize the 3D scene in a realistic manner. The user can also freeze the motion at a particular frame and inspect a mesh in detail. Lucy Viewer lets the user to also select a subset of cameras from which to apply texture information onto the meshes. The supported formats are meshes in .OFF format and associated images in .PNG or .JPG format.

Operating system

Lucy Viewer should run without problem on most Unix platforms, including GNU/Linux. However, there are currently some issues with using Lucy Viewer on Mac OS X, and we are working to fix them.


Lucy Viewer is free software available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (GPL) .
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Short Overview of the Lucy viewer capabilities

Bugs & Ideas

Please give us your feedback and suggestions for the improvement of Lucy Viewer. You can do this easily by posting us a message on the support website of Lucy Viewer.
We shall try to reply to your concerns and incorporate your suggestions into the future development of the software. Thank you !